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I live in San Jose, the largest city in Silicon Valley and the third largest city in the State of California. My family has lived here for generations and this is my main home. However, have also lived in New York City for several years of my life experience. Then, I also have ties to upstate New York and Arizona. In addition to all that, I have have an afinity for Italia, where I have lived and worked and maintain friends and extended family.

I have worked mostly in the food industry, but I also like to dable in writing and sociology, anthropology, politics, arts and music and so on.

I own and administrate the following Newsine groups (some of which are co-administrated with other newsvine members):

Anthropology (anthropologia.newsvine),
Culinaria Italiana (culinaria.newsvine),
Slow Food Living (slowfood.newsvine),
Wine (VitisVinifera.newsvine),
The Food Professional's Page (FoodProfessional.newsvine),
Teatro dell'Opera (teatro.newsvine),
California Issues (GoldenState.newsvine),
Silicon Valley (,
Arizona Topics (AZtopics.newsvine),
Liberal Campaign (liberalcampaign.newsvine),
Joe Biden Forum (BidenForum.newsvine),
Sarah Palin Watchdog (sarahpalinwatchdog.newsvine),
Queer Finds on "Straight Talk" (queerfinds.newsvine),
Dumber than Dirt (dumberthandirt.newsvine),
Gulf of Mexico Disaster (,
Texas Tea Party (,
Water (,
South Border (
Green Politics (
Online Society (,
Talking Heads (,
Urban-Rural Continuum (

Please contact me if you are interested in any of these groups.

David @ San Jose, CA is a member in these Nations:

Nation Role Members Articles Seeds Created
Arizona Topics Admin 9 98 292 Sep 2008
California Issues Admin 41 318 1860 Sep 2008
Culinaria Italiana Admin 16 26 39 Sep 2008
Green Politics Admin 11 308 1618 Jun 2010
Gulf of Mexico Disaster Admin 9 54 400 May 2010
Joe Biden Forum Admin 11 53 107 Sep 2008
Liberal Campaign Admin 10 203 261 Sep 2008
Queer Finds on "Straight Talk" Admin 15 83 408 Sep 2008
Sarah Palin Watchdog Admin 30 131 1015 Sep 2008
Silicon Valley Admin 6 31 39 Feb 2009
Slow Food Living Admin 49 154 357 Sep 2008
Talking Heads Admin 2 29 186 Nov 2008
The Food Professional's Page Admin 17 85 80 Sep 2008
dumberthandirt Admin 20 161 1729 Oct 2008
southborder Admin 10 51 177 Jun 2010
texasteaparty Admin 3 88 426 Jun 2010